• Published on 24 Oct 2017 Sections

    Michael Bloomberg, reportedly the tenth richest person on the planet, is a businessman, a philanthropist, author and ran New York as mayor for more than a decade. He’s a major player on the world stage and a point of reference for many – from finance, to politics, to gun control.

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections UK, World

    He is known for his slow-moving and beautifully-shot films like ‘Wings of Desire’, but director Wim Wenders has also spent his life taking tens of thousands of polaroid photographs. The quietly-spoken German became very animated indeed discussing Trump, Brexit and the Harvey Weinstein allegations.

  • Published on 18 Oct 2017 Sections Politics, World

    For 12 days, President Trump remained silent about the deaths of four US soldiers in Niger. Two days ago, he was asked why. He answered by accusing former presidents of not calling the families of fallen soldiers, saying he’d written letters and would call. Now he has called the widow of one of the soldiers,…

  • Published on 14 Oct 2017 Sections Politics

    Hillary Clinton says she failed to understand the “anger and resentment” of American voters, but said the Trump campaign “had the help of the Russians”.

  • Published on 14 Oct 2017 Sections Politics

    Key US allies, including Britain, have split with Donald Trump over his plans to scrap the Iran nuclear deal.

  • Published on 13 Oct 2017 Sections Politics, World

    Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump’s actions “destabilising and dangerous”, and criticised his 2016 campaign for ‘feeding scapegoats and prejudices’. The 2016 Democrat Presidential candidate, speaking to Channel 4 News, covered a wide range of issues, including her own campaign, Donald Trump and the the recent allegations of rape and sexual harassment against film producer Harvey Weinstein.…

  • Published on 11 Oct 2017 Sections

    Film producer Alison Owen, whose credits include Elizabeth, Shaun of the Dead and The Other Boleyn Girl, talks about her experiences of Harvey Weinstein. A warning: the interview contains sexual allegations.

  • Published on 11 Oct 2017 Sections

    Journalist Sharon Waxman, who investigated Harvey Weinstein’s alleged past behaviour for an article in 2004 that she claims was eventually spiked by the New York Times, talks about what she says happened.

  • Published on 11 Oct 2017 Sections Culture

    The allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein have become more serious overnight, with three women telling the New York Times that he raped them. He has denied any non-consensual sex took place. In a statement, Mr Weinstein’s wife described her sadness at the tremendous pain his “unforgivable actions” have caused women, as she announced she…

  • Published on 10 Oct 2017 Sections

    In the last few hours more allegations have emerged against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. He was sacked by the board of his own company two days ago after a string of women made allegations that he had sexually harassed them.

  • Published on 29 Sep 2017 Sections World

    The US has ordered half its Havana embassy personnel to leave, warned Americans not to travel to Cuba and suspended the processing of visas there, following mysterious “health attacks” targeting US diplomats.

  • Published on 27 Sep 2017 Sections World

    Roy Moore might be a hardline conservative but right wing American politics has a far more extreme fringe, one that’s growing fast. In August there were violent clashes after a “unite the right” march at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, which left one anti fascist protester dead. Far-right leaders who talk of being emboldened…

  • Published on 25 Sep 2017 Sections World

    North Korea has said it regards itself at war with America and threatened to shoot down US airplanes after President Trump’s comments about Kim Jong-un last week. The threat comes on the day President Trump added three more countries to his US travel ban – North Korea, Venezuela and Chad. He’s also started a fight…

  • Published on 24 Sep 2017 Sections Sport

    President Trump has come under more fire at home after he repeated criticism of sports stars who kneeled in protest during the US national anthem. But today more than 20 players from two NFL clubs defied their President by kneeling at a match held at Wembley Stadium.

  • Published on 22 Sep 2017 Sections World

    Kim Jong-un has deployed his considerable rhetorical firepower, with another swipe at Donald Trump. After he called the North Korean dictator a “rocket man on a suicide mission”, Kim Jong-un hit back, labelling the American President a “mentally deranged US dotard”. And it didn’t end there. But China has urged both sides to exercise restraint…