• Published on 20 Apr 2017 Sections

    He was one of the best-known anchors on US television. Will Bill O’Reilly’s sacking by Fox News scupper the Murdoch family’s plans to buy Sky?

  • Published on 20 Apr 2017 Sections North Korea, South Korea, World

    North Korean missile tests and displays of military might have been met by US warnings that its patience is at an end and that it’s ready to “deal with” the threat from Pyongyang. President Trump’s boast of sending an “armada” has so far turned out to be empty rhetoric, but US military exercises began in…

  • Published on 16 Apr 2017 Sections China, North Korea, Politics, World

    America says it’s working with China to respond to the growing crisis over North Korea’s nuclear missile programme.

  • Published on 15 Apr 2017 Sections North Korea, Politics, World

    The military hardware was impressive, the spectacle epic. And with the visuals, an unequivocal message from Pyongyang: “Mess with us at your peril”.

  • Published on 14 Apr 2017 Sections

    While President Trump focuses on fighting battles overseas there is a war raging in his own White House. Alyssa Mastromonaco, President Obama’s former Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, discusses her new book about her experience inside the Oval Office.

  • Published on 13 Apr 2017 Sections

    The US state of Arkansas is in a hurry. The authorities are rushing to execute seven convicted murderers by the end of the month – before the shelf life of a lethal injection drug expires.

  • Published on 12 Apr 2017 Sections Business, Politics, UK

    In news that will greatly please the White House, Melania Trump has accepted damages from Associated Newspapers for the false accusation in the Daily Mail and Mail Online that she had previously worked as an escort.

  • Published on 12 Apr 2017 Sections Politics, Syria, World

    When the spokesman becomes the headline it’s never a good idea. Today White House spokesman Sean Spicer admitted he had “screwed up” – by saying Adolf Hitler had never used chemical weapons “against his own people”, like Syria’s president Assad.

  • Published on 12 Apr 2017 Sections Politics, Russia, World

    There was no special friendship award this time: the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has met the Russian president Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, at a time when relations between the two countries have sunk to a new low.

  • Published on 12 Apr 2017 Sections Politics, Russia, Syria, World

    Interview with the political commentator and Trump supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes.

  • Published on 12 Apr 2017 Sections Politics, Rwanda, Syria, World

    Vladimir Putin once gave the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson a medal. Today on TV the Russian President gave America an earful – accusing it of illegal military action against Syria and saying NATO allies – like Britain – are acting like nodding Bobbleheads.

  • Published on 11 Apr 2017 Sections World

    Initially it was a story about a man being dragged off a plane because his flight was overbooked. Then, as the phone footage of the incident went viral, it became a costly PR disaster for the airline, and the would-be passenger also found himself thrust under a global spotlight.

  • Published on 11 Apr 2017 Sections Politics, Syria, World

    Republican commentator Ann Coulter, a long-time supporter of President Trump but a critic of the air strikes he launched in Syria, and Dr Jan Halper-Hayes, an adviser to the President’s administration who supports the strikes.

  • Published on 11 Apr 2017 Sections Politics, World

    North Korea is firmly in the current fray. It has accused the United States of being “reckless” and “foolish” after President Trump ordered an aircraft carrier to sail into waters just off the Korean peninsula.

  • Published on 10 Apr 2017 Sections World

    A video posted on Facebook last night has gone viral after showing a passenger on a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville in the United States being forcibly removed from the plane before takeoff.