• Published on 20 Aug 2017 Sections United States, World

    US-backed Iraqi forces have launched a major operation to retake the city of Tal Afar – one of the last cities still held by the Islamic State group in Iraq. The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has told IS fighters still in the city west of Mosul – they have a choice – ‘surrender or…

  • Published on 13 Jul 2017 Sections World

    The Iraqi army declared victory over Islamic State fighters in Mosul earlier this week. But bombing continued to devastate the city and there are now reports emerging of Iraqi government forces killing suspected IS fighters who have surrendered. It is also becoming clear that many people are showing signs of malnutrition.

  • Published on 11 Jul 2017 Sections

    In Iraq, the second city, Mosul, has fallen, although there are still Islamic State forces in that country. So where are they and how strong are they?

  • Published on 6 Jul 2017 Sections

    David Eubank talks about his experience in Iraq.

  • Published on 6 Jul 2017 Sections

    Civilians have borne the brunt of the fighting in Mosul, Iraq, with medical charities saying the population, including thousands of children, has been traumatised by the ‘brutal and horrific conflict’. A seemingly unlikely band of foreign men – led by an American Christian missionary – is fighting against IS, and helping rescue some of those…

  • Published on 29 Jun 2017 Sections World

    Iraqi government forces have closed in on the al-Nuri mosque in Mosul’s old town, where the militant Islamic State group proclaimed its self-styled caliphate three years ago. It is the site of the historic hunchback minaret which was destroyed last week. Retaking the area represents a symbolic victory in the eight month battle for Iraq’s…

  • Published on 22 Jun 2017 Sections World

    Palmyra, Nimrud, Hatra – to historians, archaeologists and tourists from a different era these are the names of some the gems that have blessed civilisation before ending up under the sledgehammer of Isis.

  • Published on 30 May 2017 Sections World

    At least 31 people have been killed in a series of bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, including one outside a popular ice cream shop in the city centre. Militants from the Islamic State group said they carried out the attacks, which left dozens of other people injured, just days into the holy month…

  • Published on 26 May 2017 Sections Politics, Syria, United States

    The US military has revealed that it killed three senior Islamic State officials in attacks this month. Contrary to what Jeremy Corbyn has said, a senior US Colonel has told Channel 4 News that in Iraq and Syria the war on terror is working. But as the noose tightens around IS strongholds, the number of…

  • Published on 20 Apr 2017 Sections UK

    Two leading human rights lawyers face a tribunal next week over false claims against British soldiers during the Iraq war.

  • Published on 26 Mar 2017 Sections

    There are conflicting reports from the Iraqi city of Mosul over who carried out an air strike on a building which witnesses say killed 200 people.

  • Published on 9 Mar 2017 Sections Afghanistan, UK

    Veterans of the Gulf War, the Iraq invasion and the long, grinding war in Afghanistan gathered in London this morning to watch the unveiling of a new memorial. Correction: Johnson Beharry was awarded the Victoria Cross once, for twice saving members of his unit. We are happy to set the record straight.

  • Published on 5 Mar 2017 Sections World

    US-backed Iraqi forces have launched a new offensive on Islamic State militants in the city of Mosul.

  • Published on 3 Mar 2017 Sections World

    Five women and two children are suffering from what could be exposure to toxic chemical agents in the Iraqi city of Mosul, says the International Red Cross, during a battle between Iraqi forces and fighters from the extremist Islamic State group.

  • Published on 21 Feb 2017 Sections Afghanistan

    A photograph released by the Islamic State group of a British suicide bomber in Mosul shows British ex-Guantanamo detainee Jamal Al-Harith.