• 24 Jun 2014

    Khat, the stimulant leaf chewed by Yemeni and east African communities, especially Somalis, is now illegal and is classed as a class C drug – but will that stop it being sold illegally in the UK?

  • 17 Feb 2014

    The co-pilot who hijacked an Ethiopian Airlines plane took control of the aircraft when the pilot went to the toilet, landed in Geneva and left the aircraft through a window on a rope.

  • 3 Jan 2014

    Ethnic violence in Sudan has killed thousands, according to the UN, with an estimated 180,000 displaced. Can peace talks stop the violence?

  • 28 May 2013

    Chronically malnourished children struggle to read and write simple sentences regardless of their level of schooling, according to new research by Save the Children.

  • 11 Jan 2013

    Wake up and smell the coffee: it might not be around that much longer. Scientists are warning that climate change means supplies could dry up in a matter of decades.

  • 21 Aug 2012

    Meles Zenawi and the legacy of ethnic federalism

    When he came to power in 1991, Meles – a short, precise man in a suit – was a new kind of African leader: not a flamboyant kleptocrat like Mobutu or Mugabe, but an ascetic, a former communist and guerilla leader

  • 23 Sep 2009

    Here’s an African love story. Adebe married her childhood sweetheart, Daniel, in Addis Ababa when she was 22. The trouble was, although Daniel was born in Ethiopia, he was of Eritrean stock, and when the two countries went to war, he was deported to Asmara, the Eritrean capital, where he was forced to join the…

  • 2 Apr 2009

    Watch out for my colleague Alex Thomson’s report tonight on how the much-hyped G20 protests, policed at a cost of millions, were today dominated by a few hundred Somalis, Ethiopians and Eritreans, which was not what much of the media, on hand in case of a scuffle, had in mind. They were protesting about human…

  • 1 Apr 2009

    G20, LONDON – A quick post on a hectic day: I’ve just interviewed Meles Zenawi, the Ethiopian prime minister and the only representative from Africa (outside the G20) to attend the summit.