• 4 Jul 2019

    We speak to the Chinese international relations expert Victor Gao.

  • 4 Jul 2019

    Hong Kong police have started making arrests over the protests that took place earlier this week.

  • 16 Jun 2019

    Former politician, and lawyer, Margaret Ng. and Carmen Yeung, join Matt live in Hong Kong.

  • 16 Jun 2019

    The demonstrating masses in Hong Kong refuse to go away. 

  • 15 Jun 2019

    Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, has suspended the controversial extradition law with China that has triggered unprecedented demonstrations.

  • 20 Dec 2018

    Britain has accused China of carrying out a “widespread and significant” campaign of industrial espionage around the world – through cyber warfare. The Foreign Office, acting in co-ordination with the United States, said hackers acting on behalf of China had targeted intellectual property and valuable trade secrets, and that efforts were ‘almost certainly’ continuing.

  • 30 Jul 2018

    Radio presenters have a sad and difficult history of mispronouncing his name. But today it was Jeremy Hunt’s own turn to struggle with identifying someone correctly. While on an official visit to China, the foreign secretary mistakenly told his hosts mistakenly that his wife was “Japanese” – when she is, in fact, Chinese. Paul McNamara…

  • 15 Jun 2018

    China has accused the United States of launching a trade war, after President Trump declared he would impose tariffs of 25% on Chinese imports worth $50 billion. Beijing immediately threatened to respond in kind, to defend its national interests. This was after the US imposed steep tariffs on steel and aluminium from Canada and the…

  • 11 Mar 2018

    China’s parliament has rubber stamped an unprecedented move allowing President Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely. The constitutional change tears down a system put in place to avoid any return to a Mao style autocratic dictatorship – and the authorities have already moved to suppress any signs of public dissent.

  • 26 Feb 2018

    He is already one of the world’s most powerful politicians. Is he about to be given the job for life? China’s ruling Communist Party has proposed scrapping the two-term limit of President Xi Jinping. That means he could remain in office indefinitely. And it gives some indication of how successful he has been in crushing…

  • 31 Jan 2018

    Theresa May has insisted that she is not a quitter as questions about her leadership followed her to China, where she is on a three-day visit to boost trade and investment. Premier Li announced that China will finally look at ending the ban on British beef imports that has been in force since the BSE…

  • 11 Jan 2018

    How far should former prime minsters benefit financially from their time in office? David Cameron’s famous photo opportunity with Chinese Presdent Xi Jinping in a Buckinghamshire pub kick started a bromance between London and Bejing. Now Chinese businessmen have said  “thank you” to the Old Etonian by each paying a cool twelve thousand pounds to…

  • 16 Dec 2017

    He was the man who brought us the Brexit referendum – but since his hurried departure from Downing Street in the wake of the result, David Cameron has kept a low profile. Eighteen months on, the former Prime Minister has re-emerged. He will now take control of a £750 million fund to improve ports, roads…

  • 24 Oct 2017

    China’s ruling Communist Party has voted to insert President Xi’s name and ideas into its constitution. That the vote was unanimous – it was 2,000 to nil – isn’t really a surprise, but it marks the moment that makes President Xi China’s most powerful ruler in decades.  It places him alongside Mao Zedong, China’s first communist…

  • 6 Aug 2017

    China has urged North Korea to end its nuclear missile activities – and stop provoking the international community’s goodwill.