8 Mar 2015

World celebrates Women’s Day

From beauty contests to angry protests, events are held around the world to mark International Women’s Day.

Women's Day in Ankara (Getty)

Turkish feminists yell slogans through a megaphone in Ankara. Kurdish women also turned out on the streets of the Turkish capital to celebrate the role of the Kurdish YPJ or women’s protection units in the fight against the Islamic State group in Syria.

Russian separatist soldiers (Reuters)

Female soldiers fighting for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic separatists in eastern Ukraine take part in a beauty parade to mark Women’s Day.

Brazil Women's Day protesters (Getty)

Activists from the women’s rights movement Bastardxs hold a topless protest in favour of the legalisation of abortion in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nepali girls celebrate Women's Day (Reuters)

Girls in traditional dress prepare for a celebration in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Indian female bikers (Reuters)

Women bikers line up at a bike rally organised by Harley-Davidson in Indore, India.

Vladimir Putin on Women's Day (Reuters)

Russian President Vladimir Putin hosts a reception at the Kremlin with women including the mothers of recipients of the highest state honour: the Hero of Russia gold star medal.

Acid victims launch calendar (Getty)

Victims of acid attacks launch a calendar to raise money for survivors in New Delhi, India.

Female Army reservists (Getty)

British Army reservists take the gun salute at Cardiff Castle.