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Wordcloud: Barack Obama’s second inaugural address

What words were most used by President Barack Obama during his second inaugural address – and how did the 2013 speech compare with 2009? Channel 4 News ran both speeches through Snowcloud.

Above: words most used by Barack Obama during his 2013 inauguration on Monday.

In his second inauguration ceremony, US President Barack Obama opened his speech by declaring that a decade of war had ended, the nation’s economy is recovering and “America’s possibilities are limitless”. But it was a political speech, that put forward a strong case for peace and pledging committment to a welfare state.

There were fewer people and less excitement that when the president stood on the world stage four years ago, when a crowd of 1.8 million packed into central Washington knowing they were witnessing history. But how did his 2013 speech compare with his address in 2009 (below)?

Click on the images above and below for a Snowcloud word count based on a transcript of the US president’s two speeches on Monday, and back in 2009. And run your cursor over the word in the Snowcloud to see how often, and where, it occurred.

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