6 Mar 2009

Why women matter in reporting the cost of war

More thoughts on female journalists on the frontline, this time from the activist and writer Gloria Steinem. This is from a recent interview in Russia Today:

Q: Now, the conference that you’re going to be key speaker of here in Russia is called “Building bridges across conflicts: the role of women journalists”. How can women build bridges differently from men in conflicts in journalism?

” Well, a very important point in women is we don’t have our masculinity to prove. And so this is not about biology, OK, I mean there are women who love war and there are men who love peace. So it’s just not about biology, but because the cultures, the male and female cultures are so different, or the masculine and feminine cultures – female journalists have demonstrably been more likely to cover the cost of war, to cover what happens to families, to cover rape as a war crime, which only has been ruled a war crime because there was a woman on the international criminal court.

But the exposure of it was largely due to female journalists where male journalists were not seeing it as part of war or they were seeing it as inevitable. So that’s just one of a thousand examples of the way the cultural difference is important, and therefore it’s important we have women as well as male journalists. ”  

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