16 Dec 2014

Who is Jeb Bush?

His father was the 41st president. His brother was the 43rd president. So is John Ellis “Jeb” Bush in prime position to become the Republican candidate for 45th president of the United States?

Jeb Bush
Political life: Serving as governor of florida from 1999-2007, Jeb Bush was the only Republican
governor ever to win re-election in the sunshine state. Since then, he
has not stood for political office, pursuing his business interests
instead, and building the portfolio of his capital investment company.

Foreign policy: "We are not an equal partner in this so-called community of nations. We are a leader among equals." Jeb has been critical of President Obama for failing to fulfil his foreign policy pledges.

Climate change: "I think global warming may be real." Not a climate change denier, but a skeptic. He's been quiet on the issue of late.

Immigration: Jeb has argued in favour of immigration reform, saying many who come to the US illegally do so as an "act of love" for their families, and this should be treated as a "different kind of crime". His wife, Columba Bush, is Mexican-born.

Domestic issues: Having pioneered education reform in Florida, Jeb established a national foundation for excellence in education. His support of "common core" education standards for schools sets him apart from many Republicans. His stance on gay marriage is unclear - he supports "traditional marriage" but favours "recognition" for same-sex couples. On abortion, he is known to be pro-life.

Today’s announcement is a strong signal of Jeb’s intention to run for the Republican nomination, and he will be hoping donors respond. It is estimated he’ll need to raise around USD $20m just to stand a chance in the primary race, where other likely candidates include Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz.

His own mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, said in 2013 that “we’ve had enough Bushes” in the White House. We could well be waiting until 2016 to find out whether Americans agree.

Hannah Miller is Channel 4 News Researcher in the US.