5 Jan 2012

Conflict in 2012 – the likely hotspots

Defence analyst Anthony Tucker-Jones assesses where conflicts are most likely to erupt over the next 12 months.

Around the world many long running trouble spots are on the brink of boiling over.

There have been in excess of a hundred wars since 1945 and the world remains blighted by conflict over boundary disputes, ethnicity, freedom of political expression, resources and sectarianism.

At least 30 countries are likely to see unrest or fighting – from drug cartels in Honduras to fears of a new Intifada in Israel.

Use our interactive map below to find out what could be in store for each of those 30 countries. Choose from the list of countries or roll over the map to see the current situation in that nation.

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Anthony Tucker-Jones is a freelance defence writer and an expert on regional conflicts. He is also the terrorism and security correspondent for Intersec – The Journal of International Security