23 Mar 2011

Where can you get the UK’s cheapest petrol?

As the Chancellor cuts petrol duty by 1p a litre in the Budget, check out the Channel 4 News map of where in the UK you can buy the cheapest – and the most expensive – petrol.

Channel 4 News petrol graphic

Chancellor George Osborne had some surprises up his sleeve for his first ever full Budget, not least an immediate 1p cut in petrol duty per litre.

He also scrapped next month’s planned 5p per litre fuel tax increase.

Both of the crowd-pleasing measures responded to consumer concerns over the price of petrol, which has hit record highs in recent months and could rise further as a result of continued unrest in the Middle East.

The graphic, left, shows the most expensive areas for petrol in the UK – and the cheapest.

For petrol at the bargain price of 126.9p for a litre of unleaded, you will have to head to Bishop Auckland, County Durham. And if you are pinching the pennies, it may be best not to journey to the Western Isles in Scotland, where fuel is 146.9p, a 20p difference.


A recent poll by the FairFuelUK campaign and ComRes found that 81 per cent of people believed that: “If the Coalition Government want to show they are on the side of ordinary families they should start by scrapping the planned increase in fuel duty.”

Quentin Willson, the motoring journalist and campaign leader, said: “If the Government doesn’t manage this emotive time bomb in the Budget, national anger could spiral out of control.”