4 May 2020

What coronavirus looks like in EVERY country on earth – From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

Coronavirus has affected every single country on earth. Complete lockdowns, curfews, quarantines, confirmed cases or not some countries are unrecognisable, and for some business continues almost as normal.

In an unprecedented global project, Channel 4 News has gathered footage from every country on earth, as filmed during the coronavirus pandemic. It shows the impact of coronavirus on every country on earth – from the perspective of those on the ground.

From lockdown in London Channel 4 News shows what a pandemic looks like from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Only where safe and legal to do so, the people of the world filmed streets, beaches and the cities around them, even if just from their window.

A massive thank you to all the contributors around the world, who sent footage.

This is what a world under lockdown looks like – from every country.