24 Sep 2020

‘We may not have a peaceful transition of power,’ says Democratic strategist

Donald Trump joined those paying their respects to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the liberal Supreme Court Justice who died last week.

For two days now, people have been queuing to honour and say thank you to the iconic woman. But when they saw the President, many were furious he’d come.

Democrats are enraged that he intends to appoint a new conservative Justice before the election – which may have profound consequences for America especially on women’s rights to abortion, and the outcome of any election dispute.

The protests seen in Kentucky were echoed around the country, as people marched chanting No Justice No Peace in more than a dozen major cities.

But what has really alarmed many people in Washington was Donald Trump’s refusal in a press conference to commit to a peaceful transition of power should he lose the election. It follows his repeated claims that there will be massive fraud with postal voting.

To discuss these issues, we were joined by Cornell Belcher, a political strategist and pollster who served the Democratic Party and the polling teams for both Obama Presidential campaigns.