18 Mar 2015

US tanks mass in Poland for Nato exercise

US military tanks arrive in Poland to take part in a Nato military exercises as tensions continue to simmer in eastern Europe.

Over two dozen US military vehicles, along with around 200 soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team will take part in the exercises and will stay in Poland until the end of June.

‘Nato’s resolve’

Lieutenant James Byrn, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, US Army, said: “We’re actually here training, obviously with our Polish and other Nato allies, just to demonstrate Nato’s resolve and to prepare our allies to be able to work with us and us work with them jointly, in order to succeed against any potential adversaries we may face.”

The exercises span various locations in Poland and the Baltic states, and will involve troops from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well as Denmark, Finland, the United States, Germany, France and Portugal. Last year the exercise involved 4,500 troops from several nations.

Operation Atlantic Resolve

Operation Atlantic Resolve is a demonstration of continued US commitment to the collective security of Nato and to enduring peace and stability in the region, in light of tensions in eastern Europe.

Army Europe is leading the Operation Atlantic Resolve enhanced land force multinational training and security cooperation activities taking place across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to ensure multinational interoperability.

In light of tensions in eastern Ukraine, Operation Atlantic Resolve is seen a visible demonstration of US commitment to the security of Nato allies.