8 Nov 2016

US Election 2016: Channel 4 News’ unique films

This programme has been reporting from across the country on a uniquely divisive and bitterly fought campaign.


Communities have been divided in an election fought on identity politics and personality. Here are some of our most in-depth films that explore the issues that 2016’s unique election cycle has brought to the surface.

‘The soul of the nation at stake’

Washington Correspondent Kylie Morris has covered the campaign from Day One. Here she looks back at its uniquely vitriolic nature.

‘It’s a Hillary Voodoo Doll’

Matt Frei has spent much of this year getting under the skin of “The Donald” – making three documentaries on the Republican nominee. Here he examines what is really going on at Trump’s rallies.

The towns that America forgot


Jackie Long travelled to one of the poorest parts of the country where drug addiction and unemployment is rife. She looks at how the election is playing out with some of the people who feel that they’ve been forgotten by politicians in Washington.

Fears that Hillary will take their guns away

Inigo Gilmore spent time in Arizona looking at the former soldier stockpiling ammo ahead of the vote. He found a divided state with disadvantaged communities – former veterans and recent immigrants – often pitted against each other.

Big data is watching you

Michael Crick has been looking into just how much the campaigns know about those voting – and the companies building increasingly detailed profiles in this fiercely contested election.

Could he have done more? Should he have done more?

Jon Snow reported on the historic victory of the first black President from Howard University – a historically black campus. In this film, he and his team tracked down two young black women who wept with joy on the night, to see if they still felt the same way about Barack Obama.