Contains distressing content.
11 Mar 2022

Ukraine Russia conflict: Russian forces edge closer to capital Kyiv

International Editor

There is a cliché in the history of warfare that no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

On Day 16 of this invasion that appears still to be the case

So far only one city has been captured by Russian troops. Dozens have been besieged but are holding out.

And three Russians generals are confirmed to have died in battle, which is highly unusual. President Putin is said to be losing his patience. But the war ploughs on relentlessly.

The advance on Kyiv, much like everywhere else, has been slow.

But reports suggest Russian forces have been edging closer to the capital over the past few days – as they approach from the east and west – attempting to encircle the city.

Warning: This report contains upsetting images.

This report was filmed and produced by Soren Munk and Rob Hodge.