1 May 2014

#womenintrousers take over Twitter – next stop Westminster?

Women’s legs – in denim, leggings and other fabrics – pop up all over Twitter after a Ukip party donor told Channel 4 News women should be banned from wearing trousers.

womenintrousers take over Twitter - next stop Westminster?

The #womenintrousers trend kicked off on social media when Demetri Marchessini told Channel 4 News he believed women should be banned from wearing trousers because “only skirts excite men”.

The Greek shipping tycoon, who has donated thousands of pounds to Ukip, explained his theory: “That is the only way the world is going to continue. Because if they don’t [wear skirts] men are going to stop f***ing them.” Mr Marchessini has published a book on the subject – Women in Trousers: a Rear View.

His other views were equally controversial. He told us a husband can never rape his wife and that gay people are incapable of love, only lust.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage distanced himself from Mr Marchessini. Asked whether his party should take money from a man with such views, he said: “Possibly not, no. Ask the treasurer. I don’t run everything.”

Meanwhile on Twitter, women – and men – turned the row into an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of trouser-clad females. The hashtag even got a mention in the Commons on Thursday with Hull North MP Diana Johnson paying tribute to aviation pioneer Amy Johnson and world war two mechanic Princess Elizabeth (aka the Queen). And she hinted a betrousered group selfie could be on the way from fellow women MPs.

Here’s a flavour of the hundreds of #womenintrousers tweets so far…