• 24 Oct 2017

    What happens to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic is one of the three priority issues in the Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister has given assurances there’ll be no physical infrastructure at the border after Brexit. But others have claimed a hard border is inevitable. Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern gives his view.  

  • 16 Aug 2017

    Former Northern Ireland Secretary, Conservative MP Theresa Villiers, and former minister, Conservative peer Baroness Ros Altmann, discuss the Government’s proposals for the Northern Ireland/Ireland border.

  • 16 Aug 2017

    Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney discusses the British Government’s proposals¬†for the post-Brexit Irish border.  

  • 16 Aug 2017

    The border, they say, will be “frictionless”. No physical checkpoints, no number plate checks, instead special customs arrangements to keep trade flowing across the Irish border after Brexit. The Government’s paper calls for a new “customs partnership” with no tariff implications.

  • 29 Jun 2017

    In a separate development on Northern Ireland’s strict abortion rules – an appeal court has ruled that it should be left to the Stormont Assembly to decide – not judges.

  • 29 Jun 2017

    Talks to restore power sharing in Northern Ireland have been given an extension till Monday – after the parties missed today’s deadline to reach an agreement.

  • 27 Jun 2017

    DUP-Tory deal: what follows the stops and starts?

    Yesterday No 10 accidentally mis-briefed that the DUP deal was contingent on Stormont power-sharing getting up and running. It set a lot of hares running, briefly, before the correction was rung through. It was a particularly lively moment because DUP insiders believe that the Northern Ireland office had, at the end of last week, been…

  • 12 Jun 2017

    Conservatives and DUP: What will be in the deal?

    When the Tory/DUP deal is agreed between Arlene Foster and Theresa May, don’t expect a publication like the Coalition Agreement in 2010.

  • 18 May 2017

    In Northern Ireland voters could be forgiven for suffering election fatigue as they trudge to the polls for the seventh time – yes seventh time, in three years. But the parties claim the electorate are motivated by Brexit and the collapse of Stormont. And also motivated by the chance that Sinn Fein – even though…

  • 11 Apr 2017

    It’s a classic movie formula. Put two men who hate each other on a tense car journey , forced to work together; then watch as they begrudgingly come to develop a mutual respect. A new film called ‘The Journey’ does just this, but casts Northern Ireland’s deeply opposed political leaders as the central characters.

  • 27 Mar 2017

    Team May: divisions over date of indyref2?

    Some in the Edinburgh administration detect a division in the May team on when a second referendum might have to be granted.

  • 23 Mar 2017

    From the rawness of today’s violence to the scar tissue of yesterday’s. The IRA gunman turned statesman Martin McGuiness was laid to rest this afternoon.

  • 6 Mar 2017

    After a major political shock in Northern Ireland’s assembly elections, fraught negotiations are under way to form an administration.

  • 6 Mar 2017

    Gary Gibbon on the positions of the parties in Stormont and the British Government.

  • 4 Mar 2017

    They’ve lost the election – but Sinn Fein have hailed last night’s result as a “watershed moment” in Northern Ireland politics. The republicans came within one seat of the Democratic Unionist Party and have – for the first time – prevented the unionists having a majority at Stormont. Under the rules of the Northern Ireland…