14 Jan 2015

Where can you buy Charlie Hebdo in the UK?

UK newsagents expect to get the new issue of Charlie Hebdo magazine this week, two days after its publication in France, with a limited print run on offer.

Although copies of the weekly magazine were expected on Wednesday, UK distributors have warned suppliers they may have to wait 48 hours.

Although five million copies of the magazine are being printed in France, only around 2,000 will be sold in the UK.

The weekly magazine’s circulation in France is usually around 60,000 and just dozens are sold in the UK.

The owner of a newsagent in the London borough of Camden, which stocks other international titles, told Channel 4 News he would be selling Charlie Hebdo for the first time.

He has ordered 10 copies after half a dozen customers requested copies of the latest issue.

He also confirmed he would be stocking the magazine in future weeks.

Although most major retailers are unwilling to stock the magazine, demand is high for the eight page issue and copies will be available in specialist newsagents and bookshops.

The first run of 700,000 copies sold out in Paris where large queues formed outside newspaper kiosks.

Bids of hundreds of pounds are already being accepted on Ebay for the latest issue of the magazine.

A newsagent in Cheltenham confirmed she had already sold out of the 200 copies she has ordered.

Ila Aghera said she has been “overhwlemed” by customers requesting copies.