22 Jul 2013

Twitter travel trial: the return of No Go Britain

A year ago, disabled transport users across the UK told us about their journeys using the hashtag #nogobritain. We want to know what has changed since then – get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

No Go Britain - one year on (Ciaran Hughes)

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were supposed to be the most accessible ever. So last year, Channel 4 News decided to investigate that claim – and we were inundated with your stories about the good, the bad and the ugly of using the UK’s public transport network as a disabled person.

Via our No Go Britain Facebook page and Twitter feed, and the hashtag #nogobritain, you told us what it was really like. In April, we held a 24-hour Twitter trial day, where your tweets told us in real-time what was happening on the UK’s rail and bus networks.

But now we’re a year on from that golden summer, and we want to know what’s changed. So we’re doing it again. It’s No Go Britain’s Twitter travel trial: the return

DO tweet your journey from 12pm on Tuesday 23 July, using the hashtag #nogobritain
DO follow @nogobritain on Twitter
DO tell us what's happening, how it is going for you from your point-of-view as a disabled person, and why
DO score each journey out of ten and give a reason for your score
DO make the journeys you were planning to make anyway that day

Was one of the legacies of the Games a more accessible public transport system for disabled people – or do you think that it’s as bad as it ever was? Let us know – tweet us using the hashtag #nogobritain or tell us on the No Go Britain Facebook page.

In particular, we want to know if you feel anything has changed on the key points which you raised with us in 2012. Here’s what you wanted:

– Improved infrastructure for stations, trains and buses
– Better and more regular training for transport staff
– Solution to the buggy/wheelchair problem.

Were the transport companies, drivers, and politicians listening?