12 May 2015

Turner Prize 2015: housing estate collective nominated

An art collective has been nominated for the Turner prize for its ambitious revamp of a rundown estate. Turner said: “In the age when anything can be art, why not have a housing estate?”

Using recycled materials, collective Assemble “furnished and rebuilt the houses in inventive and creative ways” in an effort to “make it a place people actually want to live in”.

The 16-strong London-based group is still working on the project, with Turner calling it an “ongoing collaboration” between the artists and the Toxteth estate residents.

The red-brick terraced housing in inner-city Liverpool had fallen into disrepair, with residents battling to resist demolition.

Juror Alistair Hudson said of the group: “They don’t occupy the realm of the single genius solitary artist. This is collective activity working within society, not in the hierarchical structure of the art world.”

Turner judges said that while collectives have been shortlisted for the prize in the past, a nomination for such a large group was unprecedented.

Also nominated for the £25,000 prize are:

  • Bonnie Camplin, a “tricky” artist who “lives her art.” Her shortlisted work The Military Industrial Complex deals with issues surrounding mental health.
  • Janice Kerbe, who is nominated for her work Doug, a opera performance piece.
  • Nicole Wermers, who judges have described as “sharp and funny” and “a savage critique”, with her sculpture Untitled Chairs.

The Turner Prize, now in its 31st year, has a reputation for controversial nominees, including Tracy Emin’s unmade bed and Damien Hirst’s cow preserved in formaldehyde.

The artists will exhibit their work at the Tramway, Glasgow, before the winner is announced on December 7.