28 Feb 2011

Tunisia's unfinished business

Alex Thomson returns to Tunisia to find there is still a lot of unfinished business in the country which triggered the Arab uprisings.

They’re a welcoming, good-natured bunch, studenty, educated and endlessly debating how the new Tunisia should look.

But there’s another side to all this and the poster here of demonstrators shot dead by live rounds bear silent witness to it.

The past three days have seen serious clashes in central Tunis.

And today the protesters will send another clear message that their revolution is alive and well and no amount of state violence on the streets will prevent it from running its course.

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But clearly in this capital, it has a long way to run yet before the protesters’ key demands are anything like met.

As the students chanted a generation ago in Paris in May 68:

“C’est n’est qu’un début!  Continuons le combat.”

The country which lit the fuse on the Arab Uprising still has a lot of unfinished business.