28 Jun 2015

Tunisia attack: new footage shows shooter on beach

Footage obtained by Channel 4 News shows the Tunisian gunman on the beach during the terror attack, shot from a nearby roof the video reveals the panic as boats circle offshore.

This is first clear video of the Tunisia gunman on the beach after his deadly rampage.

Holiday makers are seen running for their lives as locals on the rooftops of hotels above him rain masonry onto his head, slowing his escape.

Gunman Seifeddine Rezgui is first seen running along the shoreline in the video filmed from a rooftop looking over the beach where holiday makers were killed as they relaxed on holiday.

Machine gun in hand, the gunman is seen sprinting along the beach, past the sun-beds. Locals are heard shouting and screaming at the man.

He turns up from the shoreline and sprints up the beach towards the hotels.

“That’s him on the beach it’s him”, they shout.

“The gun is in his hand…take him out…hit him with a stone…it’s him…he is coming.”

The video obtained by local radio abruptly stops, but builder Mayel Moncef told Channel 4 News that it was at that moment that he, further along the street, also atop a high building, threw tiles and masonry down on to the street, striking the gunman on his head.

Mayel Moncef says of his actions “All I did was my duty, the duty of any Tunisian and any Muslim”.

Police divers also claim to have located what they say is the attacker’s phone.

A video posted online shows a diver retrieving a phone from the floor of the sea.

The phone, which may enable police to better understand how the attack was planned, was found just metres from the sun-beds where the gun man began his assault, in front of the Imperial Marhaba hotel.