7 Nov 2011

Tsunami revisited: interactive map

Eight months on from a devastating tsunami, Channel 4 News returns to Japan. Follow our team’s journey live on our map with the latest photos, and videos as they travel through the disaster areas.

On the 11 March a powerful tsunami wave hit Japan after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific. Over 20,000 people are feared missing or killed, with hundreds of thousands of people displaced after flooding destroyed their homes.

Channel 4 News returns to the areas struck worst by the disaster – Minamisanriku, Kesennuma, just a few names amongst a litany of towns and villages struck hardest.

But how have these people and their communities coped in the eight months since the world moved on?

Follow the Channel 4 News’ progress live on our interactive map as they travel around the country. Click on the icons to see what reports and stories at these locations have been filed. Click on the photographs to see what our team are witnessing at those exact locations.

You can follow our team’s progress also on our live blog – pulling in their latest tweets, blogs and more. Add your comments and let our team know what your thoughts are on Japan’s recovery from this disaster.