Turner Prize

  • 12 May 2015

    An art collective has been nominated for the Turner prize for its ambitious revamp of a rundown estate. Turner said: “In the age when anything can be art, why not have a housing estate?”

  • 29 Sep 2014

    Now in its 30th year, the annual Turner Prize exhibition opens on Tuesday and features a wealth of multi-media material from four shortlisted artists. Here’s a sneak peek at what is on offer.

  • 2 Dec 2013

    French-born artist Laure Prouvost wins the 2013 Turner Prize for contemporary art for her video installation Wantee.

  • 5 Jun 2013

    The American author AM Homes beats Hilary Mantel and Zadie Smith to the Women’s Prize for Fiction for her sixth novel, May We Be Forgiven.

  • 3 Dec 2012

    Elizabeth Price wins the Turner Prize for her film which blends 1960s pop with footage from a 1979 fire, but says her career would have been “unimaginable” without public support for the arts.

  • 3 Dec 2012

    One lucky artist will tonight be awarded the £25,000 Turner Prize and be catapulted into art world fame. So who are the four nominees? Let Channel 4 News be your guide.

  • 3 Dec 2012

    It may attract the most attention of all the art prizes around. But aside from the unmade beds and piles of poo, does the Turner Prize signal success for the winner? Channel 4 News investigates.

  • 1 May 2012

    The four artists competing for this year’s Turner Prize have been announced by Tate Britain, showcasing sculpture, film and technical drawing for the British art world’s most famous award.

  • 14 Dec 2011

    Tracey Emin, famed for art installations featuring tents and an unmade beds, has been made professor of drawing at the Royal Academy. But do modern artists need to be able to draw?

  • 5 Dec 2011

    Turner Prize 2011 live on Channel 4 – add your voice 22:00: Scotland on Sunday art critic Moira Jeffrey, a friend of the winner’s, tells Channel 4 News: “It’s a tremendous result. Martin is one of these incredibly careful, steady artists. “The great story about Martin is the first time he tried to get into…

  • 5 Dec 2011

    Working in film and video, Hilary Lloyd presents sound and image to the viewer in a way which challenges and undermines viewing conventions, writes Matthew Cain.

  • 5 Dec 2011

    As the world’s most famous contemporary art prize travels to Gateshead, Channel 4 News Culture Editor Matthew Cain hopes the change of scene will “shake the prize free from history and tradition”.

  • 5 Dec 2011

    Fascinated with psychological vulnerability, Karla Black’s innovative sculptural installations are rooted in feminism and combine traditional art-making with modern materials, writes Matthew Cain.

  • 5 Dec 2011

    Martin Boyce becomes the third Glasgow artist in succession to triumph at the Turner Prize, as a friend tells Channel 4 News “the first time he tried to get into art school he failed.”

  • 5 Dec 2011

    Martin Boyce’s work creates atmospheric, sculptural art inspired by modernist design history, which it often directly quotes, writes Matthew Cain.