• 4 Jun 2018

    The government has described the Northern Rail timetable fiasco, which left passengers stranded and delayed, as “totally unacceptable”. We have spoken to one Northern Rail worker who says he feels “ashamed” to wear the uniform and that staff knew the new timetable “probably wouldn’t work” before it was introduced.

  • 9 Jan 2017

    If failings in the public services are among the “everyday injustices” Theresa May wants to tackle, she only had to look out of any window in London today to find an example. A 24-hour strike by London Underground workers forced two million commuters to find alternative ways into work and brought gridlock to the capital’s…

  • 3 Jan 2017

    Commuters returning to work after the Christmas holidays were greeted at stations across the country today by campaigners protesting about New Year fare rises.

  • 13 Dec 2016

    There’s a glimpse of relief for hundreds of thousands of commuters who’ve been facing the worst rail disruption for almost 20 years: talks will be held tomorrow aimed at resolving the strike by drivers on Southern Rail which has brought the network’s entire service to a halt.

  • 15 Aug 2012

    Will passenger numbers cut the grade for FirstGroup’s bid for the West Coast line? FactCheck takes a look.

  • 14 Aug 2012

    “There are other companies making much bigger amounts of money than the operators, and enjoying much higher profit margins.”

  • 11 Jan 2012

    “Sources in the rail industry have told FactCheck there was nothing to stop Labour from specifying a longer period of time in this document if they had really wanted the change to last longer than one year.”