• 13 Aug 2017

    Trump supporter Neil McCabe, the Armed American Radio Washington editor, says ‘the left are having a field day grandstanding and virtue signalling’ over the Charlottesville violence.

  • 12 Apr 2017

    Interview with the political commentator and Trump supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes.

  • 11 Apr 2017

    Republican commentator Ann Coulter, a long-time supporter of President Trump but a critic of the air strikes he launched in Syria, and Dr Jan Halper-Hayes, an adviser to the President’s administration who supports the strikes.

  • 14 Feb 2017

    The President’s National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, has had to resign over telephone conversations he held with the Russian ambassador before he was appointed to office.

  • 17 Jan 2017

    Here in Donald Trump’s home town there’s a palpable sense of both apprehension and expectancy three days before the inauguration.

  • 3 Jan 2017

    He’ll claim he’s making America great again without even taking office yet. On the second working day of the year, President-elect Donald Trump has been using social media to further his own agenda, both externally in the case of China and North Korea and internally against House Republicans and against America’s big car manufacturers.

  • 13 Dec 2016

    The globe-trotting boss of a giant energy firm with substantial interests in Russia is in line to become America’s next secretary of State, as Donald Trump named Exxon-Mobil chief Rex Tillerson as his choice.

  • 12 Dec 2016

    The row over alleged Russian “interference” in the US presidential elections is showing no sign of abating. While Barack Obama has ordered a full investigation, a call that is backed by a bi-partisan group of senators, President-elect Donald Trump has dismissed the claims as “ridiculous”.

  • 29 Nov 2016

    Donald Trump has been appointing more people to his top White House team, promising a “busy day” of meetings with more potential Cabinet picks. But behind the scenes, members of his own family are among his most trusted advisers, including daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

  • 22 Nov 2016

    Stacy Washington, host of conservative radio show, Stacy On The Right.

  • 17 Nov 2016

    In 63 days … Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States of America.But who he will take to the White House with him, largely remains a mystery – aside from two appointments. The Trump transition team says, there’s no chaos – it’s all under control … even making time today…

  • 17 Nov 2016

    I spoke to Milo Yiannopoulos. He’s a senior editor at Breitbart News and there has been speculation that he, too, could find his way into the Trump White House. I began by asking him what alt-right actually means.

  • 9 Nov 2016

    For Democrats and many women across the world, last night was supposed to see the shattering of the big symbolic gender glass ceiling – a woman finally getting into the Oval Office.

  • 1 Feb 2016

    It’s the moment the US presidential election really gets going, as the first votes are cast for the man – or woman – party followers want to see in the White House.

  • 6 Aug 2015

    In an unusually sprawling field, 16 men and one woman enter the race to become Republican candidate in the 2016 US presidential election. Meet the top 10.