• Published on 16 Oct 2012 Sections Serbia, World

    Delusions or lies? Radovan Karadzic as ‘man of peace’

    Radovan Karadzic wants a Hague court to believe he is a man of peace. But what matters, says Lindsey Hilsum, is that the tribunal leaves us with a definitive version of what happened in the former Yugoslavia.

  • Published on 27 Oct 2009

    Does anyone under thirty care about Radovan Karadzic?

    Does anyone who was fifteen when he was at the height of his murderous powers, KNOW about Radovan Karadzic?

  • Published on 26 Oct 2009 Sections Serbia, World

    I’m sure he didn’t actually smoke all the time, but I cannot ever remember seeing Radovan Karadzic not smoking. The fag, the almost quiff-like status of that barnet (easily the most ludicrous of the Balkan wars Vuk Draskovic included) and his often rambling, rapid -fire manner of speaking at assorted press conferences around Bosnia. And…

  • Published on 20 Feb 2009 Sections Serbia, World

    Well, the silver-quiffed Mr Karadzic did indeed appear as scheduled in Courtroom No 1 today – and here’s the evidence. But it’s questions over evidence of the legal variety that have messed up proceedings today: the former Bosnian Serb wartime leader wasn’t given the chance to plead because of what the prosecution admitted was “a clerical…

  • Published on 20 Feb 2009 Sections Serbia, World

    Dr Dragan Dabic, the erstwhile silver-bearded new age guru of Uri Gagarin Street,  New Belgrade (until he was exposed last summer as the former Bosnian Serb leader and alleged war criminal Radovan Karadzic), is back in Courtroom One at The Hague this afternoon at 14:15 local time. His reappearance coincides with the reappearance in London…