• Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Business, Politics, UK

    Britain’s Brexit bill could be double the amount that Theresa May offered the EU in September. The critical cabinet committee in charge of making the decision has just finished meeting in Downing Street. The EU says without that promise of extra money, the talks won’t move on to the future trading relationship, and the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has also warned Britain…

  • Published on 10 Nov 2017 Sections Politics

    So there’s now an exact time and date for the UK’s exit from the EU.  And the Prime Minister says she won’t “tolerate” any attempt to block it. But Lord Kerr, the former diplomat who helped draft Article 50, says the withdrawal process is not irreversible. In Brussels, where the sixth round of talks have been taking place, the EU’s chief…

  • Published on 19 Oct 2017 Sections Business, Politics, UK, World

    We spoke to Pascal Lamy earlier and began by saying that the EU’s Chief negotiator Michel Barnier is surely just that – a negotiator?

  • Published on 4 Sep 2017 Sections Europe, Politics

    Theresa May’s Brexit speech date ‘announced’ by Guy Verhofstadt

    Theresa May’s expected speech on Brexit could be “very significant”. What would she have to say to unblock the impasse in the Brexit negotiations?

  • Published on 31 Aug 2017 Sections Politics, UK, World

    The latest round of Brexit negotiations have ended with tough talk and signs of irritation on both sides. Europe’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said there had been “no decisive progress” on any of the key issues. David Davis criticised the EU for being neither imaginative nor flexible.

  • Published on 31 Aug 2017 Sections Europe, Politics

    Latest Brexit talks reach a brittle conclusion

    Money is at the heart of the “stressful” Brexit negotiations in Brussels. But if the talks are going to progress one side will have to blink.

  • Published on 20 Jul 2017

    The European Union’s chief negotiator said today that there are “fundamental differences” between the bloc and the United Kingdom. The second round of Brexit talks concluded with arguments over the divorce settlement with Michel Barnier warning “accounts must be settled”. But Brexit Secretary David Davis was more upbeat.