• 1 Dec 2018

    G20 leaders have agreed a final statement on global trade, climate and migration issues at their summit in Argentina, after diplomats negotiated through the night. Tensions between the United States and China dominated the gathering, but Brexit loomed over proceedings too, as Japan’s leader urged Theresa May not to let Britain crash out of the…

  • 13 Jul 2018

    How should Theresa May handle Donald Trump?

    How to handle Donald Trump? What tactics work? How do you get the best out of him? Is there any relationship worth pursuing given how quickly he spins round and contradicts himself? If you’re part of the traditional liberal West, will he always undermine you? The grin/grimace and bear it approach has been tested to…

  • 6 Dec 2017

    A man’s has appeared in court charged with plotting to bomb Downing Street and kill Theresa May.