local elections

  • 4 May 2018

    Local election votes and Brexit committee penalty shoot-out

    On Theresa May’s election victory tour, Channel 4 News’ Anja Popp asked her: “Are you tempted to call a snap general election Prime Minister?” Theresa May laughed and said: “No I think we’ll just enjoy this …” before her ad-lib drifted off. One pro-Remain Conservative told me last night’s results were “a bit of a disaster for our…

  • 1 May 2018

    All the parties face an awkward test in Thursday’s English local council elections. For Theresa May, it could be a test of how much damage the Windrush scandal has inflicted on the Conservatives. And could Labour’s own row over anti-semitism hold it back in some areas? Then the Lib Dems and Ukip: are they struggling…

  • 4 May 2012

    “His best predictions at time of writing are that Labour would win 34.04 per cent of the vote in the next general election, but the Conservatives would still be ahead on 36.59 per cent.”