• Published on 3 Nov 2017 Sections Politics, United States, World

    He had his favourite mode of communication briefly silenced last night when a rogue Twitter employee deleted the President’s account – but Donald Trump was well and truly back online this morning firing off a barrage of tweets attacking the Democrats. For the next two weeks he’ll be tweeting while travelling on a tour of Asia…

  • Published on 25 Jul 2017 Sections Politics, United States

    Bre Payton, a political reporter for the conservative website, The Federalist, and Versha Sharma, a senior correspondent for the liberal digital news platform, Now This, discuss Donald Trump’s relationship with his Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

  • Published on 25 Jul 2017 Sections Politics, United States

    “You’re probably right.” That’s the answer Donald Trump’s new communications chief gave when asked whether the President wants his Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign. Such is the precariousness of Mr Sessions’ position tonight, with his boss tweeting about how weak he is. The White House dysfunction is distracting lawmakers from another crucial issue –…

  • Published on 3 Mar 2017 Sections Politics, Russia, United States

    Donald Trump has leapt to the defence of his embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling him an “honest man”. Democrats claim Mr Sessions lied under oath by claiming he’d had no contacts with the Russians during the election campaign, when he had actually met with the Russian ambassador.