• Published on 3 Jan 2017 Sections Turkey, World

    Sixteen suspects have now been arrested by Turkish police following the attack on an Istanbul nightclub, but the gunman who killed 39 people remains at large.

  • Published on 2 Jan 2017 Sections World

    Islamic State militants say they were responsible for the new year gun attack that killed 39 people in an Istanbul nightclub – calling it revenge for Turkish attacks on IS targets inside Syria.  Turkish police say they’ve made eight arrests in connection with the shootings, but that the gunman himself is still at large.

  • Published on 11 Dec 2016 Sections Turkey, World

    Their coffins draped in the Turkish flag, Istanbul’s police force today began to bury its dead. 30 of their number died in last night’s double bombing near a sports arena. A Kurdish militant group has claimed responsibility which has provoked a furious response from the Turkish government – the Interior minister vowing vengeance.

  • Published on 11 Dec 2016 Sections Turkey, World

    First a car bomb then – less than a minute later – a suicide bomber hits the centre of Istanbul, fierce fighting in the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria and at least 160 people have died when the roof of a church collapsed in Nigeria.