• 7 Apr 2018

    A huge police operation is underway after three people were killed and 20 injured when a vehicle crashed into a crowd sitting outside a popular bar in the German city of Muenster. Police say the driver then shot himself dead – but warned it was too early to speculate about a motive. The German Chancellor Angela…

  • 20 Nov 2017

    Otto Fricke, an MP from Germany’s Free Democrats, the party which pulled out of the coalition talks, discusses what happened.

  • 20 Nov 2017

    There’s more political upheaval in Germany, where talks on forming a coalition government have collapsed. Germany’s president has appealed to party leaders to reconsider after the Free Democrats walked out late last night, saying there was “no basis of trust”. Chancellor Angela Merkel said tonight that fresh elections would be the best option if the talks can’t be rescued.

  • 15 May 2017

    Promising more pragmatism in their relationship, and a roadmap to reform the EU, the new French President Emmanuel Macron has been holding talks with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, just a day after he was sworn into office.

  • 21 Dec 2016

    An international manhunt is under way tonight for a Tunisian man in connection with Monday’s truck attack on a Berlin market. An identity document for the man, named by prosecutors as Anis Amri, was found in the cab of the lorry which killed 12 people and injured 50 more.

  • 29 Nov 2016

    Merkel to May on Brexit negotiations: ‘nein danke’

    Theresa May seems to have tried to solve one big outstanding issue ahead of proper full negotiations: the future rights of EU citizens who reside in the UK and UK citizens who are living in the EU.