• Published on 29 Dec 2017 Sections Health, UK

    ‘The NHS doesn’t stand for the National Hangover Service’ – so said the head of NHS England Simon Stevens today as he warned that ‘drunk tanks’ might be needed to relieve pressure on A&E. Mr Stevens revealed that a staggering 70 per cent of attendances at A&E on Friday and Saturday night are due to…

  • Published on 18 Sep 2013 Sections Fact, Fiction, Uncategorised

    The Association of Chief Police Officers has suggested throwing binge drinkers into privately run “drunk tanks” to save the taxpayer money. But will it work?

  • Published on 28 Dec 2012 Sections Fact, Fiction, Uncategorised

    We take a look back at the lowlights of 2012 with damned lies and statistics coming thick and fast from across the political spectrum.

  • Published on 8 May 2012 Sections Europe, Fact, FactCheck

    couple of days after the budget, with rows raging about the “granny tax” and George Osborne’s decision to help the super-rich by cutting the 50p rate, the PM had what seemed like a smart idea. Number 10 decided to bring forward plans to increase the price of cheap alcohol, to tackle binge drinking and what David Cameron called “the mayhem on our streets”. According to Mr Cameron cheap booze is causing a “scourge of violence” – a million violent crimes and more than a million hospital admissions each year. Setting a minimum unit price (MUP) would, he promised, provide “a big part of the answer”. But I’ve found out that just four days before he made his announcement, he’d been warned by one of his own ministers that the policy could well be illegal. Was the PM right to go ahead or should he have listened to his colleague?

  • Published on 12 Mar 2012 Sections Fact, FactCheck, Fiction

    With George Osborne rumoured to be unveiling plans for an “alcohol unit price control” in the 2012 Budget, FactCheck calls time on the row in the cabinet over boozed-up Britain. How bad are we as a nation? Will imposing a minimun price on booze make a difference to binge drinking?