• 10 Oct 2017

    A council in London will decide this evening whether to ban pro-life protesters from approaching women who are wanting to terminate pregnancies at a Marie Stopes clinic. Local residents’ have signed a 3,000-signature petition calling for the pro-life protests to be banned after some women attending the clinic complained that some of the protesters had…

  • 6 Mar 2014

    Battle for abortion rights in Spain

    Paul Mason meets a Spanish generation who thought they’d fought and won the basic battles for women’s rights.

  • 7 Nov 2012

    In 2007 she was drafted on to the select committee for innovation, universities, science and skills, but only managed to make one meeting out of 50. In 2009 it was science and technology, and Ms Dorries failed to get to any of the committee’s 20 scheduled meetings.

  • 23 Aug 2012

    Romney on the rocks over rape ahead of the convention

    Despite the parlous state of the US economy, the Republican party is wrestling with questions of rape, abortion and birth control as they head for a potentially feisty party convention.

  • 9 Nov 2011

    American electors back moderation at the ballot box

    Every now and then America dishes up an unforeseen, unscripted spasm of moderation. This is what happened in a slate of state elections and ballot initiatives yesterday, which amounted to a collective cold shoulder to some feverish issues pushed mainly by the hard right. In Mississippi voters overwhelmingly rejected an initiative which would have redefined…

  • 5 Sep 2011

    Nadine Dorries’ latest charge is that the British Pregnancy Advisory Service‚Äôs (Bpas) central London clinic only has an hour a week that it dedicates to counselling sessions. And if you can’t make that session at London’s “largest” Bpas clinic, or if it’s booked, you’ll be unceremoniously packed off to their Richmond clinic. Is she right? FactCheck investigates.

  • 31 Aug 2011

    Tory MP Nadine Dorries is leading a campaign to stop two charities from counselling women considering an abortion. Has she got her facts straight?

  • 9 Nov 2009

    Sarah Smith blogs on the role the abortion arguement plays in modern US politics and life.