20 Sep 2012

Top political spoof videos

The video remix of Nick Clegg’s apology over tuition fees has gone viral. Here are some of the other best political spoof videos.

When Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg decided to release a video apologising for breaking his tuition fees promise, he was no doubt prepared for headlines.

He probably didn’t expect to be transformed into the lead singer on a hit song which many are (perhaps overexcitedly) tipping for Christmas number one.

But Nick Clegg Says Sorry (The Autotune Remix), posted on YouTube overnight and available to watch above, has proved so popular that the deputy prime minister has even agreed to let the producers turn it into a single, with any proceeds going to charity.

Created for website The Poke by music producer Alex Ross, the video is a remix of Clegg’s video apology using Auto-Tune to turn his speech into song.

“I made this over five or six hours, working flat out. I’ve had successful videos before – I did a remix of Jeremy Kyle – but this has gone a lot further,” Mr Ross told Channel 4 News.

To make the track, Mr Ross used software to adjust the notes spoken by Mr Clegg, changing the notes themselves and the timing, before putting a backing track over them.

“I don’t dislike the Lib Dems, this was not done out of any kind of malice. I do have political opinions but what I do does not express them – I just take things and mess with them,” said Mr Ross.

In this spirit, we’ve gone out to find some other videos where talented producers have taken politicians’ speeches or policies – and messed with them. Check out our top political spoof videos below.

And Channel 4 News itself is not immune to being spoofed on YouTube. Take a look at this remix of Alex Thomson doorstepping former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie.

The videos below represent the opinions of their producers, not Channel 4 News.

Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome, posted by cassetteboy

Dan Bull – Election Debate Rap Battle

Patriot Game – OpDocs (Obama vs Romney), by the Gregory Brothers

Gordon Brown dancing with David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Boris Johnson and Nick Griffin, posted by igander

Andrew Lansley Rap, by MC NxtGen

Jeremy Hunt’s Olympic Bell (Disco Remix), uploaded by The Poke