21 Dec 2013

Top 12 foreign films of 2013, from Channel 4 News

From Burma to Bulgaria; from South Africa to Syria – Channel 4 News brings you the top 12 foreign films broadcast in 2013, as curated by Foreign Editor Nevine Mabro.

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1. Syrian refugees: ‘Tonight we died many deaths’

Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Miller witnesses the dramatic late-night escape and rescue of a group of Syrian refugees, fleeing their homeland under fire and crossing into Jordan. First broadcast 31 January, 2013.

2. Marikana massacre: footage of police shooting

Channel 4 News shows police footage which appears to undermine claims officers were acting in self-defence over the shootings. Inigo Gilmore reports on the distressing footage and its implications. First broadcast 27 January.

3. Sandy Hook mother: ‘If there’s no change, we’ve lost north’

The youngest victim of the Sandy Hook massacre was six-year-old Noah Pozner. Washington Correspondent Matt Frei speaks to his mother, Veronique, who says she hopes the tragedy can change gun law in America. First broadcast 12 February, 2013.

4. Syria’s descent: the agony of Aleppo’s children

For Aleppo’s children “blood has become like water”. Filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen has spent several weeks meeting children facing unimaginable horror as they work in a city hospital. First broadcast 25 March, 2013.

5. Immigration Nation: Nigel Farage’s Bulgaria trip – video

Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Rugman takes Nigel Farage, the outspoken leader of Ukip, on a trip to Bulgaria to find out if his fears about an influx of immigrants when EU restrictions are lifted are warranted. First broadcast 23 April, 2013.

6. Gulnaz: the Afghan woman forced to marry her rapist

Gulnaz prompted an international outcry in 2010 when she found herself jailed for adultery after being raped. But in the three years since then, her life has taken an even more shocking turn. First broadcast 20 June, 2013.

7. Nightmare island where traffickers imprison Burma’s Rohingya

Beaten, imprisoned and sold into slavery – Channel 4 News reveals the fate of Burma’s Muslim Rohingya refugees, who flee conflict only to end up in the clutches of brutal human traffickers. First broadcast 8 August, 2013.

8. Al-Bayda: anatomy of a war crime

At least 169 people, including women and children, were killed in a massacre in the Syrian town of al-Bayda earlier this year. Warning: this exclusive video contains extremely distressing footage. First broadcast 13 September.

9. Does civil war in Syria mean the end of the world?

Syria’s war is becoming the defining event for a generation of Muslims. But for some it is a sign that the end of the world has begun. Warning: contains scenes that some may find upsetting. First broadcast 10 September, 2013.

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10. On the front line of the Syrian civil war

Iranians are celebrating in the streets at the US lifting sanctions, and Israel is furious. But the changes in the Middle East have had little immediate impact in Syria. International Editor Lindsey Hilsum reports from the front line. First broadcast 25 November, 2013.

11. A picture of abject innocence and abandonment in CAR

Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson reports from the Central African Republic, which aid agencies say has been abandoned by the wider world, and visits a malaria-ridden camp where people have gathered, fleeing the violence. First broadcast 13 December, 2013.

12. Exclusive: inside an al-Shabaab training camp

Among the most feared of al-Qaeda’s affiliates, al-Shabaab was behind the Westgate shopping mall attack in Kenya. Africa Reporter Jamal Osman attended one of its training camps in the Somali bush. First broadcast 16 December, 2013.