14 Jan 2014

Thoughts of 9/11 ‘mastermind’ revealed in new document

Exclusive: Channel 4 News obtains a 36-page document written by alleged al-Qaeda kingpin Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from behind the barbed wire in Guantanamo Bay.

Mohammed, who has been imprisoned in the US military-run camp in Cuba for more than seven years, is thought to have typed a manifesto called Invitation to Happiness on a laptop computer and signed it off on 31 October last year.

The document is being revealed for the first time by Channel 4 News in conjunction with the Huffington Post. It is the first time the terror detainee has been allowed to communicate his thoughts to the outside world since his capture.

He calls it a message to the “crusaders of the military commission at Guantanamo Bay” who are keeping him in solitary confinement without the immediate prospect of a trial.

Mohammed is said to have been waterboarded more than 200 times since his capture in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2003, but defiantly claims the torture has not broken his spirit.

He writes: “I am very happy in my cell because my spirit is free even while my body is being held captive. I have been neither sad nor distressed in my solitary confinement since 2003 because I have been here with the Only One True God.”

‘Happy hearts and souls’

He remains scathing about western presence in Muslim countries, saying: “Hundreds of American crusader soldier men and women join the US Army, wear the latest military gear, eat the best food in Iraq and Afghanistan, and play with their Playstations while their enemies, the poor Muslims, can’t find their daily bread.

“At the end, the American soldiers go back home and commit suicide but the poor man still with his dry bread and black tea lives with his poor wife but with happy hearts and souls.”

The alleged former al-Qaeda propaganda chief condemns western society in general, saying: “The US, GB and France – their communities have been destroyed by the high rates of divorce, rape, robbery, killing, suicide, Aids, and often depression, bankruptcies, abortion, drugs, homosexuals, homelessness, psychological disorders, mental illnesses…

“Boys and girls in western life are slaves of their own passions; sexy life, searching for the latest fashion or lifestyle trend that is bent on destroying them, not physically but spiritually.”

Guantanamo guards with new detainee (Reuters)

Guantanamo conditions relaxed

Channel 4 News understands that conditions in Guantanamo, where 155 terror suspects are still detained despite US President Barack Obama’s promises to close the facility, are less severe than in previous years.

We have learnt that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed he is allowed to spend an hour a day with an inmate of his choice exercising and talking.

And in the document he says he plans to write two more chapters when he gets his confiscated laptop back.

Part two will explain “why the mujahideen carried out 9/11” and in part three, Mohammed claims he will reveal “the truth about the so-called war on terror”.

Relatives of the almost 3,000 victims of 9/11 have expressed anger that Mohammed has not yet faced trial after 10 years behind bars.

The Obama administration wanted to bring him and other alleged plotters to court in New York, but the plan was shelved because of public outrage in the US. Instead, a military commission is overseeing legal proceedings – which are still mired in pre-trial hearings.

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