28 Oct 2019

‘This is the end of the line for Keith Vaz’, says Tory MP Andrew Bridgen


Three years ago veteran Labour MP Keith Vaz was caught in a tabloid sting which accused him of paying male prostitutes for sex, and offering to pay for class A drugs.

He was chair of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee at the time, and was forced to stand down.

Today, he faces the longest Commons suspension ever, after parliament’s standards watchdog published its investigation into his actions.

Their report found that though his actions weren’t unlawful, “he showed a disregard for the law”.

They also said “Mr Vaz’s claims as to the purpose of the encounter are, frankly, ludicrous”.

He had claimed that the men were interior designers and that he had “declined to comment on details of his encounter with the two men on grounds of the medical condition of amnesia”.

Mr Vaz has said today that he is receiving treatment for a serious mental health condition.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen’s complaint triggered the investigation.