16 Jul 2018

The world watches as Trump and Putin meet in Helsinki

The world’s two disrupters-in-chief started the day trying to out-disrupt each other – President Putin’s opening gambit, arriving an hour late, leaving President Trump twiddling his famously small thumbs.

But at their joint press conference it was all talk of co-operation and understanding, President Trump criticising not Russian interference in the US elections, but the investigation into it, describing the probe as a “disaster for our country”.

And then there was the unprecedented spectacle of an American President laying into his own intelligence services.

We talk to former US Homeland Security intelligence officer and author, Malcolm Nance, former US Ambassador to Nato, Nicholas Burns, former chief economic adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Andrei Illarionov, Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen, and former ambassador and diplomat Alpo Rusi.