24 Jul 2020

The Secret Barrister: Justice in a pandemic

Over the last week, we have been hearing about the troubles in the criminal justice system in England and Wales from the anonymous author known as the Secret Barrister. From the cuts and closures and backlog in cases; to our poor record on rape; claims that only the rich can afford to clear their name; and to those left without any justice at all.

In the final instalment of our series, we hear what Covid-19 has done to an already struggling system. As barristers face bankruptcy, the mountain of cases to be heard grows bigger and the scrapping of juries is mooted – will the impact disproportionately affect minorities?

In this piece, the barrister’s gender and identity remain secret and their words are spoken by an actor.


Camera Op: Devron Callender, Byoa Dee
Editor: Matt Welham
Producer/Director: Sara Moralioglu