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The Absolutely Fabulous Olympic torch!


Is it the torch relay or is it Eddie and Patsy with a bottle of champagne and a large cigarette lighter? Channel 4 News reporter Paraic O’Brien meets the stars of AbFab.

“It’s amazing, we’re so pleased we’ve been in the Olympics,” AbFab’s Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) told Channel 4 News.

“We were running one of the races just then… we were the only people so I think we must have stripped the field. Gold for me,” added beehived sidekick Patsy (Joanna Lumley).

After complaining about the nylon tracksuits, the pair compared the Olympic torch to a cigarette lighter or “something you could smoke”.

The duo then shared a bottle of Olympic champagne with our reporter Paraic O’Brien before Eddy proclaimed the Games would be more fun if more alcohol were allowed.

“We don’t want everybody hydrated and fit and healthy!”