10 Feb 2014

A trip through the flooded Thames towns

Mark Greaves takes a trip along the flooded Thames in Surrey armed with a smartphone capturing water levels reaching their highest point in 30 years.

At Runnymede, where severe flood warnings have been issued, this is the highest warning level. Local residents have been urged to make up flood kits including torches, blankets, waterproof clothing, wellington boots and portable radios.

Chertsey Meads is also suffering from extensive flooding with the River Bourne coming over the meads.

The Environment Agency warned on Monday that hundreds of properties near the Thames could flood over the next three days as more rain and strong winds are forecast.

These communities along the banks of the Thames are the latest to reach for sandbags as the Environment Agency issues severe weather warnings for the home counties.

David Cameron has warned ministers to focus on dealing with the floods amid signs of government infighting and a “blame game” with the Environment Agency.

Insurers are facing a £500m bill from the extreme autumn and winter weather, putting it on par with the big freeze of 2010, according to professional services firm Deloitte.