25 Feb 2020

Tenerife hotel in lockdown over coronavirus

Health and Social Care Correspondent

The Coronavirus is spreading, and with it: confusion, economic uncertainty and fear.

Iran is one centre of concern: cases are rising rapidly.  Its Deputy Health Minister, who has been leading the country’s response to coronavirus, has himself tested positive.  Here, the government is advising anyone returning from Iran or the virus-hit area of Northern Italy to self-isolate. And Ireland’s upcoming Six nations fixture against Italy is due to be cancelled.China remains the epicentre of this disease, with more than 77 thousand cases. South Korea has the second largest outbreak.In the Middle East, Iran has the most cases, and some believe the authorities are underestimating the problem. In Europe, Italy has the largest outbreak, and that’s been linked to first cases reported today in Croatia, Austria and Tenerife.

There are 13 cases in the UK. That number hasn’t changed today.