30 Aug 2013

Inside Syria: Channel 4 News reports from a bloody civil war

Explore the map and click to watch key Channel 4 News reports from Syria’s war.

Explore the interactive map below to read a selection of the videos, blog posts, articles and interactive features on Syria’s civil war, since its start in March 2011.

Since the start of Syria’s war, tens of thousands of Syrians have been killed and millions displaced by the clashes between rebel groups and Bashar al-Assad’s military machine.

Channel 4 News has reported an alleged massacres, chemical weapons attacks and overflowing refugee camps and has spoken to Syrian people who have fallen victim to the bloodshed.

Video reports have included the work of Mani, a French photojournalist who has ventured inside the country. Mani has embedded with the rebel Syrian al-Farok brigade, and brought the first clear images of the carnage in Homs out of the country.

On the other side of the war, Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson blogged from Damascus after travelling with Syrian government soldiers, on their reasons for war.

‘Blood like water’

In a shocking example of the impact the war is having on children, filmmaker Marcel Mettelsiefen delivered the story of the Aleppo children, working in a makeshift hospital, for whom “blood has become like water”.

The constant threat of rape, kidnap and sham marriages inside the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan was the subject of one report from Social Affairs Editor Jackie Long.

And the conflict has not been limited to Syrians. Channel 4 News has reported on the British student fighting jihad in the country and the British mother trapped in Damascus.

With no sign that the sorrow and carnage of the conflict is abating, the reality for the people in Syria is a future defined by the tragedy of this war.