3 Jun 2012

Susan Jameson: the Queen through my eyes

To mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Channel 4 News asks a cartoonist, a sculptor, an actress and a photographer to describe their view of her majesty.

Susan Jameson was one of five actresses to portray the Queen in Channel 4’s series The Queen. She was born in Worcestershire and has starred in Coronation Street, When the Boat Comes In and New Tricks.

She told Channel 4 News: “Of course, you’re delighted. I’ve played a few royals in the past.

“I’ve played Mary Queen of Scots, I’ve played Queen Victoria – both in the theatre. And they have the great advantage of not being alive.

“So possibly the most daunting thought at the beginning was; ‘Here is this incredible, iconic…’ – a very much over-used word these days, but in this case appropriate – ‘person, who is still alive.

“And possibly the worst bit was thinking that she might even watch it and see me, making a bit of a fool of myself pretending to be her.

“So yes, it’s very daunting – but extremely, extremely exhilarating.”

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