11 Apr 2014

Dear Sue Townsend, love Adrian Mole (via Ian McMillan)

“Sue Townsend, you made me…” Writer Ian McMillan pens a tribute poem from Adrian Mole (aged 58) to his novelist creator, who died on Thursday, aged 68.

Adrian Mole
An amazing poem about Sue Townsend, by Adrian Mole aged 58

Sue Townsend, you made me.
You built me.You constructed me.
In some ways you were my mother
Although I had a real mother
Although she couldn't be my real mother
Because you invented her too.

Sue Townsend, you have left us.
Faded like a Leicester sunset
Just before the darkness.
I never liked being on the shelf in my life
But you have made sure
That I will be on lots of shelves
For ever.

I like that line about a Leicester sunset
And I know that you would too
Because you liked fine writing.

© Ian McMillan.

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