20 Jul 2023

Sudan massacre: Dozens reportedly killed in one day in one town by RSF and Arab militia

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

For three months, Sudan’s Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces have been locked in a fierce battle around the capital Khartoum. But their conflict has also rekindled ethnic violence in Darfur – echoing the atrocities of 20 years ago.

This programme has gathered eyewitness testimony and video that points to a massacre in one West Darfur town on the 28th May. Together with a report by Human Rights Watch, it’s evidence that at least 28 ethnic Massalit men and boys were summarily executed by the RSF and allied Arab militia in Misterei. The town had a population of 30,000 before the conflict began. It’s now been looted and razed to the ground.

A warning: this report contains scenes and descriptions you may find distressing.

Produced by Zahra Warsame, filmed by Mughira Al-Sharif and edited by Donna Walton.