13 Aug 2012

Sporting life: the Channel 4 News London 2012 quiz

Know how many world records were broken at the Games? Answer this and nine other questions in our London 2012 quiz – and a life of pub quiz celebrity surely awaits you.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, struggles with the Channel 4 News Olympic Quiz (Getty)

var numQues = 10;
var numChoi = 4;
var answers = new Array(10);
answers[0] = "Bahrain";
answers[1] = "Adzo Kpossi";
answers[2] = "Hiroshi Hoketsu";
answers[3] = "Box Hill (Surrey)";
answers[4] = "Queen Elizabeth Park";
answers[5] = "86";
answers[6] = "Inspire a generation";
answers[7] = "A gold stamp";
answers[8] = "A Venezuelan Fencer";
answers[9] = "Day 8";
function getScore(form) {
var score = 0;
var currElt;
var currSelection;
for (i=0; i<numQues; i++) {
currElt = i*numChoi;
for (j=0; j

1. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain sent women to the Olympics for the first time. Which of those countries’ female Olympians took home a medal?
Saudi Arabia

2. Who was the youngest competitor at London 2012?
Tom Daley, Great Britain
Alejandra Orozco Loza, Mexico
Adzo Kpossi, Togo
Usain Bolt, Jamaica

3. Who was the oldest competitor at London 2012?
Hiroshi Hoketsu, Japan
Mark Todd, New Zealand
Greg Searle, Great Britain
Carl Hester, Great Britain

4. Which Olympic venue was also designed to protect London from invasion from continental Europe in the 19th Century?
Lord’s Cricket Ground
Hadleigh Park (Essex)
Box Hill (Surrey)

5. What will the Olympic park be known as in future?
Queen Elizabeth Park
Sebastian Coe Sports Centre
Boris’ Athletics Emporium
Team GB Arena Site presented by London 2012

6. How many Olympic and world records were broken during the Games?

7. What was the official slogan of London 2012?
Inspire a generation
Power a generation
The next generation
The generation Games

8. What was released the day after every gold medal was won for Team GB?
A gold stamp
A gold coin
A golden fleece
A golden retriever

9. Who was spotted on the Tube with a gold medal around their neck?
A Venezuelan Fencer
A Belarussian Shot Putter
Boris Johnson
No Olympian travelled on London Underground

10. On which day of the Games did Great Britain first reach third in the medals table?
Day 7
Day 8
Day 4
Day 11

Score =